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Cooling kit VORTEX for electrical cabinets

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Plan of  VORTEX compressed air cooler - NOVACOM

VORTEX Novacom Cooler aviable in 4 powers (500,900,1500,2500)

Cooling kit VORTEX - NOVACOM for electrical cabinets (CLIM)

Cooling kit VORTEXVORTEX - NOVACOM for electrical cabinets EL (CLIMEL)


cooling kit for electric cabinet

With an easy installation, the Vortex cooling kit enables the cooling of all types of cabinet in an efficient and secured way.

Opposed to the standard installations, the cooling kits designed and produced by NOVACOM guarantee an optimal cooling, adapted to the industrial cabinets.

The cabinet coolers use compressed air, according to the principle of Vortex tube.

They throw a cold compressed air flow without any harmful gas, filtered and dehumidified in the electrical box, generate an overpressure, protecting all the inner electrical and electronical components.

This avoids any clogging or overheating which could cause a supply cut on your installations.

The Vortex coolers are made of stainless steel, a resistant material not requiring any maintenance.

We offer 4 different powers of cabinet cooler kit which allows us to install the cooler kit on the entire range of electrical cabinets available on the market. (500, 900, 1500, 2500)



 The advantages for you of air conditioning kits for industrial electrical cabinets for Novacom


We offer 2 versions of the cabinet cooler set:

The simple one (CLIM) which enables an easy mounting and a quick operation of the cabinet cooler in order to cool and protect your installations with efficiency.

The simple “CLIM” kit includes:

  • The VORTEX cooler

  • The distribution duct with its silencer

  • The fastenings

The « EL » version of the kit enables a control of the functioning of the coolers (on and off) but also to make sure the cold air sent into the cabinet isn’t polluted by any debris that could subsist in your compressed air network.

The EL cooler kit (CLIM EL) includes:

  • The VORTEX cooler

  • The distribution duct with its silencer

  • The Solenoid valve

  • The filter

  • The Thermostat

  • The fastenings

It is possible to complete those kits with a mechanical thermometer (optional) that will allow you to visually and instantly control the temperature of your cabinet. You can also add an adaptor that will enable you to fasten the cooler on the cabinet’s side.


Download the PDF documentations :

 Button to download the  VORTEX Air Conditioner Kit for industrial electrical cabinets in pdf   Button to download the technical sheet of the VORTEX Air Conditioner Kit for industrial electrical cabinets


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