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Vacuum Barrel Pump Series POMPE 90 - Barrel 200 Litres

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Photo POMPE 90

Ref. POMPE 90 F

The vacuum barrel pump POMPE 90 F is equipped with an ejector and uses the ejector effect to suck liquids by means of vacuum. The pump is connected to the first bung hole of the metal drum. The hose is screwed to the second bung hole and connected with a dip pipe. The pump is simple to use: By connecting to a compressed air supply, vacuum is generated inside the barrel and liquids can be sucked in. With a pressure reversion the contents of the pump can be drained.

This system has been adjusted and tested for a maximum pressure of 2,5 bar in the barrel interior, with an operating pressure of 2 bar. An internal safety valve ensures this operating mode.

Special Features

• No power and with no moving parts
• Excellent performance
• There is no contact between the pump and the workpieces
• No wear, even with a high concentration of, for example, metal chips



Type Vacuum Barrel Pump
Vacuum 14%
Suction capacity 424 l/min at 2 bar
Weight 32 kg


Technical data

Fiche technique

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