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During wood-working processes and within the furniture industry, all types of wood are treated. Chipboard sheets, melamine sheets and wood in the rough sheets are often handled in a dusty environment under difficult operating conditions. Sometimes the workpieces could be very porous. The material of the handling components have to adapt to these requirements accordingly.

Requirements :

- Very short cycle times
- Adaptability to the handled surface
- Prevention of an eventual vacuum system blockage
- Saving of energy

Applications :

- De-piling (separating of sheets for the assembly line)
- Holding during treatment

Gripping of smooth and air-tight workpieces

The flat suction cups Series 5, 90 and PFG are especially well adapted to the gripping of smooth and air-tight melamine sheets. Vacuum suction cups with foam ring allow the gripping of wood in the rough sheets with wood grain.

Ejectors against discontinuity/blockage and feed ejectors

Wood-working processes are often realized under difficult operating conditions. To protect optimally every vacuum system, NOVACOM advises the use of special ejectors against blockages or discontinuity Series VCR.
For the absorbing and evacuation of wood shavings, feed ejectors Series TP and suction tubes Series CANDAS are ideal components. Air amplifiers Series AA can be used for aspiration processes. 

Separating of wooden panels and cleaning

Our large number of blowing nozzles, air curtains, cold air guns and compressed air rails permit the separating of wooden sheets and turn out to be very effective for many cleaning processes.

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