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The handling of metal sheets is carried out in several industries. Our components are adapted to different working processes. The hardness, thickness and material properties of the metal sheets can vary. The workpieces also can be oily, therefore special adapted components are needed.

Requirements :

- Fast cycle times
- Saving of energy
- Security / reliability

Applications :

- Highly dynamic metal sheet handling
- De-piling of metal sheets
- Press-forming, stamping process
- Holding for bore processes and laser cutting

Holding and gripping

The metal sheets can be oily. The vacuum cups have to adapt accordingly in order to permit a perfect suction. For a handling without slipping, vacuum suction cups with oil slot or with supports on the bottom should be employed. Possible lags of oil could be evacuated. NOVACOM dissuade from silicone suction cups because they are not oil resistant. For these applications we recommend flat suction cups Series 6, PFG and 7FF, bellow suction cups Series 8R and 8TC as well as oblong vacuum pads Series 4BO, 4OF and 4R.

Blowing and cooling

Blowing nozzles, air curtains, compressed air rails and air amplifiers can be used to remove rests of oil or shavings from the metal sheets.
For the collecting of oil or shavings, and other cleaning processes, the barrel pump Series POMPE 90 (with or without barrel) could be the right partner.
Vortex tubes and cold air guns ensure the cooling of workpieces.

Liquid separators

During sheet metal working processes, the use of liquid separators is advisable. Different capacities are available, for example Series FV PL for the casual suction of little quantities or Series FV GPL for the suction of more important volumes that have been absorbed by the vacuum pads or other suction systems. Thanks to the transparent bin, the liquid level can be controlled at any time.

Process security

Parallel grippers have enforced gripper jaws to hold metal sheets certainly.
Measuring instruments of NOVACOM monitor the vacuum level and the unproblematic functioning of the vacuum system.

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