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Plastics processes

Plastics processing is multifaceted. Various workpieces, with several dimensions, profile cuts and surfaces are handled. NOVACOM proposes the right components for every application: handling, cutting, and filtration – the components of NOVACOM are used in all working processes.

Requirements :

- Resistance to high temperatures
- Leaving few marks
- Short cycle times
- Fast cycle times

Applications :

- Sprue cutting
- Handling of workpieces

Handling without leaving marks

Suction cups in a material leaving few marks (not silicone vacuum pads) are especially well adapted to workpieces destined to painting and varnish processes. The bellows suction cups Series 1 and 2 are also advantageous to compensate level differences.

Raw material supply

Feed ejectors Series TP, air amplifiers Series AA and suction tubes Series CANDAS permit the transport of raw material before the injection moulding. 

Ejection and cooling

Vortex tubes and cold air guns cool down workpieces after the demoulding process.

Finishing of the cutout

The cutters of NOVACOM guarantee a perfect outcome after the sprue cutting.

Pneumatic plastic scissors

NOVACOM provides automatic (Series MR and MER) and manual scissors (scissors SC). Several details have to be considered regarding the choice of the right blade, as for example size, form and cutting angle of the sprue that has to be removed. For a required space, the plastic scissors Series MG are ideal.

Handling with grippers

Some environments do not permit the handling with suction cups. Instead of vacuum pads, grippers can be employed in order to demould workpieces. The selection of the perfect gripper depends on the form of the workpiece.

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