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The packaging industry uses numerous techniques, such as bottle handling, pick-and-place, bag opening, or drying. The application runs the gamut from gripping small bags containing fragile products to lifting heavy crates. The requirement is common to all these applications and the goal is to maintain high productivity.

Below, you will find a brief list of products developed by NOVACOM for the packaging industry.


- Handling of flasks, bottles, jars, prepared meals, tubs, self-heating or self-cooling packaging
- Palettisation, depalettisation, crating, decrating, forming, cartoning, etc.


- Delicate gripping
- Flexibility
- High throughput
- Product life cycle
- Productivity

Typical machines

- Cermex, Mecasystem case erectors, packers
- CAM, Atia, Tecma Pack, Toyo cartoning machines

Box handling

Box forming, palettisation, uncasing, and other packaging-related applications require a very high resistance to abrasion. Our suction cups specially designed for these processes have a strong body and a supple sealing lip which conforms perfectly to packaging deformations. They are made of natural rubber or polyurethane, elastomers which are highly resistant to wear.

A few examples (click on the image to access the suction cup product data sheet):  

Opening bags and gripping flasks

Some applications require a great deal of flexibility. NOVACOM has designed suction cups with a lip for delicate gripping, such as the handling of bags or flasks, but also bagging. They are capable of working at high throughput and with total reliability.  

Dust and packaging waste blowing

NOVACOM's adjustable air amplifiers can be used to blow packaging waste or other debris deposited on a conveyor belt.
For more localised and precise applications, we recommend our air nozzles.

Gripping porous products

The multi-stage VME series ejectors suck a large volume of air at start-up. They operate on the principle of the series mounted ejector. The ratio between the sucked air flow and the used air flow is excellent. For visual verification of the partial vacuum, a switch manometer is installed on the ejector.  

Filtering fine dust

Use our FVA series filters to hold back the finest dust (cardboard, paper, etc.) and ensure good longevity for your ejectors or blowers.
For in-line filtering, use our VFD series filters.

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