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The components of NOVACOM are employed for the handling of glass sheets and all other flat, smooth and thin workpieces. NOVACOM proposes the right components for the treatment of float glass, solar modules, glazing glass or laminated glass.

Requirements :

- Leaving few marks
- Resistance to high temperatures
- System security

Applications :

- Handling of thin and sensible workpieces (crockery)
- Handling of windscreens and other slices (railway engineering, automobile industry…)
- Handling of windows (palletizing, de-palletizing…)
- Handling of workpieces in vertical position
- Holding of glass during treatment and cutting processes
- Handling of glass for white goods

Gripping and handling

The flat suction cups Series 2, 6 and PFG allow the gripping, holding and transfer of workpieces. In order to avoid marks on the workpieces, suction cups and protective covers (Series PVT) in a special material leaving few marks (MNT) are used. The selection of form and diameter of the suction cup is made in function of the thickness of the glass. NOVACOM also proposes specific models as the need arises.

Vacuum reservoirs and measurement

For the safeguarding of the vacuum system, NOVACOM recommends the connection of several ejectors with a vacuum reservoir. That procedure avoids problematic situations in the case of power breakdown. Measure components guarantee the monitoring and the faultless operating mode of the system.

Cleaning and drying

Blowing nozzles, air curtains and compressed air rails are able to dry and to clean. NOVACOM possesses a large product range of these products. 


Vortex tubes and cold air guns are used to cool down several workpieces.

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