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The cosmetics industry uses vacuum technology for different processes like handling of perfume bottles, opening and giving shape to boxes, adding booklets, transporting powder, packaging or picking up labels and lids. Within all these processes the components of NOVACOM can be applied.

Requirements in the cosmetics industry :

- Precision
- Reliability
- Fast cycle times / reactivity
- Traceability (declaration of conformity (FDA) is possible)

Gripping and handling

Suction cups are chosen after type and form of the working piece. NOVACOM proposes a large selection of suction cups: flat, bellows, oval suction cups (series 4, 5, 7 and 9). A flat suction cup is perfect for a smooth surface, however for a box with relief a suction cup with foam rubber works better. There are also different materials available: Cartons and boxes are handled with e.g. silicone suction cups and perfume bottles with nitrile suction cups.

Ejector performance

A possible corrosive environment (aggressive steam like e.g. alcohol) in the cosmetics industry can damage the seals of the ejectors. To provide the performance of the vacuum circuit over a long-term period NOVACOM proposes to choose multi stage ejectors with specific viton or silicone seals.
The right choice for transporting powder are ejectors with pneumatic conveyance, air amplifiers and suction wands (series TP, AA and CANDAS). These products are also available in stainless steel.

Fast drying

NOVACOM proposes a large selection of blowing nozzles, as well as vortex tubes that can be used for fast drying e.g. of printing ink or etiquettes.


Plastic containers are often used for a quick and easy control of dirt and waste material retained in the filter.

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