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The production and packaging standards governing the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are very strict. In these fields, where ultra purity is a must, the installation of machines and components in contact with the product requires that all regulatory conditions be taken into account. NOVACOM brings to bear its expertise for these so-called "sensitive" applications.


- Responsiveness
- Precision
- Reliability
- Approach flexibility

Below, you will find a brief list of products developed by NOVACOM for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Conveyance and sorting

Installed in line on a duct, the NOVACOM serieis TP air conveyor operates on the ejector principle and is used to carry delicate materials, such as liquids, mixes, powders, gelcaps, pellets, tablets, and capsules, over short or long distances.
The TP ejector is made of aluminium or stainless steel. It is also possible to adapt certain models to high temperatures or use in a corrosive environment.  

Gripping small elongated or cylindrical parts

The series 4 oblong suction cups developed by NOVACOM make it possible to grip small elongated or cylindrical parts starting at a length of 4 mm (elongated capsules or tablets, for example).  

In-line ejectors as close as possible to suction cups

In order to create a precise and localised independent vacuum, NOVACOM offers in-line ejectors from series VML, VMK, and VMT VML, which are installed directly on the suction cup. They install quickly, avoid pressure losses, and achieve very short response times. It is possible to integrate several in-line ejectors into a unit to equip several suction cups with a single compressed air source, thus realising energy savings.
Provide these ejectors with our in-line VFD filters for impurity-free suction.

Effective filtering

Use our series FVCT and FVCV filters to filter out powders and protect your vacuum pumps

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