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Bricks, cement bags, sandbags and plasterboards can be handled and bricks packed up with the components of NOVACOM. Our products can equally transport cement and sand.

Requirements in the building industry :

- Handling quality (no charge loss)
- Material resistance in an aggressive environment

Gripping workpieces

Different types of suction cups can be used in the building industry: Suction cups with anti-glide notches series 8R and 4R, standard bellows suction cups series 2 and suction cups with foam rubber. Every type of working piece can be gripped: porous material, irregular pieces, etc.

Ejectors against blockages or discontinuity

To avoid pollution and blockage of ejectors in a dusty environment, NOVACOM proposes its anti-blockage ejectors series VCR.
For very porous pieces a round stream nozzle series PRO with an attached suction cup can be used.
Ejectors with pneumatic conveyance Series TP are the perfect solution to transport sand, cement or rubbish.


The use of filters with a steel or aluminum container is recommended because they provide better resistance.


To facilitate the handling of working pieces, dust can be removed with different types of blowing nozzles, air curtains, blow guns and blowing manifolds. These products series BS, BJP, RA, TDC BS, SF etc. provide specific and wide-ranging cleaning, according to requirements.

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