Home Bottling


From rinsing to blowing, not to mention filling, labelling, or wrapping, NOVACOM is present on the entire bottling line. Bottling requires both flexibility and high performance.


- Heavy and delicate gripping
- Pickup and release safety
- Flexibility
- Speed
- Perfect seal
- Productivity

Below, you will find a brief list of products developed by NOVACOM for the bottling industry.

Champagne bottle gripping and handling

The 4BO suction cup has a broad curvature and a flexible curved lip which conforms perfectly to the shape of extensive surfaces such as the sides of 75 cl bottles, halves, and magnums. In order to accentuate its pulling force and promote its stroke and flexibility, this suction cup can be equipped with stainless steel reinforcements in the bellows.  

NOVACOM also offers cups and suction heads which make it possible to handle champagne bottles by the bottom. In this way, the bottle inversion process is not interrupted during transport. The diameter of the cup is designed for the diameter of the bottle bottom and several attachments of the suction head are possible, depending on the installation.
The advantages are a strong lifting capacity and approach flexibility.

Bottle drying

NOVACOM flat stream nozzles and air curtains eliminate all traces of water, quickly clean and dry bottles, cans, metal capsules, or jars before labelling or ink-jet encoding, and after rinsing.

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