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Applications such as stamping, forging, mirror manufacturing, and assembly require a great many pneumatic components, because they require extreme resistance to sliding and acceleration.
NOVACOM has developed paticularly well suited products for high throughput.


- Heavy and delicate gripping
- Pickup and release safety
- Flexibility
- Speed
- Perfect seal
- Productivity

Delicate handling of glass or plastic

NOVACOM offers a complete line of oblong suction cups with striations and studs for better adherence without deformation of the product being handled.

Some suction cups have been made of a non-staining material (NSM) so that no trace is left on plastic products that are intended to be painted, for example.

Opt for grabber cups for handling windscreens.

For gripping irregular or rough surfaces, favour foam rubber suction cups.

Ergonomic plastic clamping and cutting

NOVACOM offers a wide selection of pneumatic grippers for performing part clamping, holding, or positioning operations.
As for the nippers, they are used to make clean cuts on soft and hard plastics. The choice of body and blade are made according to the thickness and the type of parts being made.

Dry, eject, unmould with compressed air

To eject and unmould a part, cool it, or give it its final shape, NOVACOM has a complete line of blowing products that provide a quick return on investment: air amplifiers, nozzles, air curtains, blow guns, blowing manifolds, etc.  

Cooling operations and machine components

Vortex tubes and cold stream air guns instantaneously provide cold air for cooling industrial operations using compressed air.

Equip your gripping robots

Use our base plates and modular connectors to equip your gripping hands and make connections to your robots.

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