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Special suction cups for food contact
The strict requirements governing the agrifood business also apply to pneumatic components.
NOVACOM's products are in perfect compliance with these requirements (food-grade silicone suction cups, stainless steel components, etc.) and optimise production tools.


- Flexibility
- Adherence
- Strength
- High outpute
- High temperatures

NOVACOM offers a wide selection of bellows suction cups for handling and gripping fragile, porous, delicate, and food products. These suction cups are high performers at both low and high temperatures, and have a long life cycle. Some have studs beneath the lip for even better adherence.

Pastry gripping

Suction cups designed to grip pastries are very flexible and compensate perfectly for differences in levels. The lip (smooth or striated, depending on the application) allows for excellent gripping without any risk of deforming the product being handled. Their FDA-grade silicone composition makes them 100% food compatible and allows them to be used from -40°C to 220°C.

Egg transfer

Several suction cups have been developed for the delicate transfer of eggs. Their adapted lip ensures reliable gripping.

NOVACOM also manufactures certain suction cup models from detectable food-grade silicone. The metal additive included in the silicone allows metal detectors to detect the suction cup on automated production lines if the suction cup becomes detached. And even with the presence of this additive, the suction cups are still compliant with FDA standards.

Drying before marking

NOVACOM offers air curtains to be used on production lines to quickly and economically eliminate impurities or moisture from products (including fresh products) before marking, labeling, or packaging. Blowing compressed air through these tools allows for regulated usage, reduced maintenance costs, and a simple installation.

Anti-clogging ejectors

The design of the VCR ejector is such that the suction duct is positioned in line with the exhaust duct. Any particle drawn in is immediately evacuated through the outlet silencer. In this way, the properties of the ejector are not compromised in the event that food deposits are sucked in, for example.

Liquid trap filters

In the agrifood business, some liquids are sometimes absorbed during automated handling. The liquid trap filters offered by NOVACOM hold back liquids and afford good longevity for the various types of vacuum generators, ejectors, and electric vacuum pumps.

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