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Careful handling and high precision in gripping and holding of workpieces in the aircraft industry are very important. The products of NOVACOM are the perfect partner.

Requirements :

- Very high precision
- Qualitative handling
- Reliability

Applications :

- Handling of workpieces on laser cutting machines
- Holding pieces during treatment, installation and completion
- Handling of workpieces with different materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and composite-materials
- Collecting and evacuating smoke and waste of treatment and drilling work
- Cooling workpieces

Gripping and holding workpieces

Considering the requirements and the usual working environment in aerotechnics NOVACOM recommends special suction cups with anti-glide notches for stable handling and better holding force. It is also recommended to use suction cups with a supporting undersurface to evacuate oil that can possibly be found on workpieces. The suction cups of the series 8R, 8TC, 7FF, 4BO, 4OF and 4R are able to perform these applications.

Ejectors and vacuum reservoir

Ejectors can be connected with a vacuum reservoir (series RDV) to provide security in handling and working processes and to guarantee the holding of pieces even if an electrical power outage happens. NOVACOM recommends the use of ejectors series VM because they can be fixed directly on the suction cups to produce a precise vacuum.

Cleaning and Cooling

Cold stream air guns, blowing nozzles, air curtains, blow guns and blowing manifolds maintain the cleaning and cooling of working pieces during treatment. There are different types of vortex tubes and blowing nozzles available in our product range.

System control

NOVACOM proposes different types of measurements to control the system and its vacuum level.

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