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Single Stage Ejector Series VCR - 85% Vacuum

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Ref. VCR 250-2 --

The single-stage adjustable ejectors VCR have a suction opening situated in the air outlet axis, with the help of various foreign substances can be included in order to avoid any risk of obstruction. it is also possible to set the flow rate and the vacuum level.

Special Features
• Adjustable intake and vacuum by simply rotating the nozzle by hand
• High suction potential to evacuate large volumes (degassing, gluing booth, injection moulding)
• Handling of porous parts
• Anti-clogging

Technical Information of VCR 250-2
• Ø Nozzle: 6.3 mm
• Intake air at 5.5 bar: 340 l/mn i.e 5.66 l/s or 20.40 m3/h
• Vacuum: 85%
• Air consumption: 430 l/mn
• Air pressure: 5.5 bar
• Weight: 180 g (Aluminium), 420 g (Stainless steel 316L)
• Item number of silencer : SIL 38

• Compressed air: Filtered and technically oil-free, pressure 5.5 to 7 bar
• Operating temperature: -10 to 80° C


Single Stage Ejector Series VCR - 85% Vacuum

Type Single Stage
Series VCR
Vacuum 85%
Suction capacity 340 l/min at 5.5 bar


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