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Round-Jet Nozzle Series BS - G1/8"

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Ref. BS 18 PM --

Round-jet nozzles form a bundled, round, powerful air flow, using very little air pressure. They consume up to 80% less compressed air than for example an open nozzle G1/4". Performance and pressure are adjustable and easy to control. Round-jet nozzles can be employed on its own or fixed on manifolds.

Specifications BS 18 PM
• Air consumption at 5.5 bar: 250 l/mn
• Air amplification: 25:1
• Noise level: 68 dBA
• Weight: 11g (brass), 33g (Stainless steel 316L)
• Thrust (in grams):
Blowing distance of 150 mm: 235.3g
Blowing distance of  300 mm: 226.8g
Blowing distance of  450 mm: 212.6g


Round-Jet Nozzle Series BS - G1/8"

Type Round stream
Blowing 6 377 l/min at 5.5 bar
Connection G1/8"


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