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The vacuum box with NOVACOM foam band, CVM CS series is a system for gripping objects of varying weights and sizes in industrial sectors.

Equipped with a venturi system with back-blowing, the vacuum chambers are used in the field of packaging, order preparation, palletization, de-palletization or even the change of conveying line.

The flexible and waterproof handling foam allows the grip of specific, irregular or porous surfaces such as wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, brick, tiles and many others...

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CVM 130x1000x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x1000

CVM 130x1200x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x1200

CVM 130x300x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x300

CVM 130x400x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x400

CVM 130x600x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x600

CVM 130x800x20 JM

Foam band for CVM 130x800

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