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Who are we?

NOVACOM is a company that is headquartered and based in the heart of Europe near Lille in the north of France. The company has been designing, manufacturing, and developing vacuum handling components for more than 29 years.

As a genuine vacuum specialist and leader on the market, NOVACOM has never ceased to innovate and develop since its inception. The company now has the most extensive line of vacuum components in Europe, meeting the needs of all applications in industrial environments: standard and special suction cups, single-stage, multi-stage, anti-clogging, and pneumatic transport ejectors (or vacuum pumps), air amplifiers, air nozzles, air curtains, vacuum switches, pressure switches, vacuum filters, clamping grippers, air nippers, gripping heads, membranes, and other vacuum accessories.


Presence in the field and ongoing follow-up

Amplificateurs d'Air

The company has a solid, well-organised structure with an available and attentive team. NOVACOM has no less than eight sales agencies in France and, since 2002, has developed an export unit to meet the needs of international demand.

This proximity to our customers allows us to provide them with better consulting services and assist them in defining their projects and finding the equipment best suited to their field of activity.

Our watchwords: experience, technical support, customer follow-up.

Vacuum technology, our know-how

Ventouses Plasturgie

Vacuum handling is a very widely used technique in the manufacturing industry (automotive, agrifood, plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging, printing, etc.). It consists in grasping an object--which may be a piece of sheet metal, a sheet of paper, a finished product, or even a food item--by means of suction cups or clamps, and carrying it from one workstation to another, or placing it in its packaging, for example.
Suction cups are integrated into a handling device and the vacuum is provided by an automated system which is fed by generators, ejectors, or vacuum pumps.

This technique allows for very quick gripping and handling, even with objects that are fragile or have complex shapes.


A solution for each application

NOVACOM is involved in a multitude of industrial applications in France and abroad.

• Handling, lifting, pick-and-place
• Crating, decrating, cartoning, palettisation
• Packaging
• Handling of bottles, flasks, jars, etc.
• Routing, printing, labelling, unstacking, packing
• Gripping, opening bags, and bagging
• Unmoulding, ejection of parts
• Blowing, cleaning, drying, cooling
• Pneumatic conveyance

Quality is our key concern

At NOVACOM, quality is a key ingredient at each stage of developing the customer's solution:
from defining the project, design, and manufacturing, to improvement, as well as implementation and verification.

Our standard and special-purpose suction cups are offered in more than 10 different materials: nitrile, silicone, detectable silicone, natural rubber, polyurethane, viton, vinyl, etc., and have a cryogenic finish (a deburring technique by cooling with liquid nitrogen) ensuring excellent quality of the elastomer and aesthetically perfect finished products. Our means of production allow us to make small, medium, or large runs.

Our watchwords: vitality, professionalism, know-how, precision, responsiveness, and flexibility.

An innovative design office

An industrial project cannot be successful without the collaboration of effective partners to ensure its development. Our design office designs and develops custom tooling and applications in total collaboration with the end user and the various parties involved.



NOVACOM has more than 4000 industrial customers (from very small businesses to multinationals) in France. Our high commercial and technical standards have earned us the confidence of the most demanding customers.