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Bernoulli Suction Cup - Ø 30 mm

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VB 30

Ref. VB 30

The suction cups series VB blow the compressed air in the direction of the workpiece through a very narrow ring-shaped opening. The bernoulli's principle enables the workpiece to be held by the suction cup thanks to the generated vaccum. The workpiece can thus be handled without contact which prevents from any deformation.

Special Features
• No contact with the workpiece, careful handling
• Low compressed air consumption
• Reliable and high suction power
• Low installation and mounting costs

• Photovoltaic industry (handling of solar cells, silicon plates, semiconductor)
• Handling of foil, fine glass chips, wafers, printed circuit boards, etc.
• Handling of air-permeable workpieces
• Gripping of thin and porous materials

Technical Informations
• Air consumption: 154 l/mn
• Force: 4.5 Newton
• Operating pressure: 5 bar
• Sound level: 70 dBA
• Material: anodized aluminium body and stainless steel central disc
• Weight: 32 g


Bernoulli Suction Cup - Ø 30 mm

Type Bernoulli suction cup
Series VB
Height 31 mm
Consumption 150 l/min
Shape Flat
Upper diameter 4 mm
Sealing lip diameter 30 mm
Sound level 72 Dba
Force 3.73 N