Home Bellows Suction Cup 1.5 folds Series 8R, Ø 114 mm

Bellows Suction Cup 1.5 folds Series 8R, Ø 114 mm

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Ref. 8R 114NI F14

Series 8R suction cups are ideal for handling operations involving large transverse forces. The 8R series is suited for working with short cycles involving substantial acceleration and deceleration.
The special cut of the lower portion of the suction cup forms a perfect anti-skid handle that prevents any movement between the suction cup and the part during handling operations, even when oil is present. This function becomes extremely important in applications requiring high precision.
In addition, the middle structure of the suction cup keeps the part from becoming distorted by the vacuum, even when working with thin sheet metal or pliable materials.
Lastly, the structural characteristics of the lip make it possible to use this type of suction cup on various surfaces, be they smooth, slightly wavy, flat, angled, or even a little curved.
These suction cups have been designed to compensate for differences in level. They combine the effect of a ball joint and height compensation in order to adapt to all kinds of irregularities, including angled or curved surfaces.


Bellows Suction Cup 1.5 folds Series 8R, Ø 114 mm

Type 1.5 bellows suction cup
Series 8R
Material Nitrile
Colour Black
Height 48 mm
Upper diameter G1/4" female
Sealing lip diameter 114 mm
Shore Hardness 50 SH
Number of bellows 1.5 Bellows