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Wedge Series BJP - G1/4"

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Acier inox

Ref. BJP 15 --

Air-saving blow-off nozzles use compressed air power to perform important cooling, cleaning, or part ejection work. They can be adapted to blow guns or used along conveyor belts. Even in applications making moderate use of air, substantial air savings are achieved. The air amplification phenomenon observed with these nozzles is beneficial in terms of cost, but also performance. They amplify the compressed air flow by 25 to 31 times and create high thrust while consuming a mere fraction of the compressed air generally used by open duct systems.

The high thrust jets allow the compressed air entering the tube to escape through a very thin internal round nozzle in infinitesimal quantities. In this way, the flow achieves near sonic velocity. This ultra-fast air flow creates a strong vacuum in its wake, drawing with it any surrounding air located behind the high thrust jet, while the ambient air is pushed forward.

• Air used at 5.5 bar: 1410 Nl/min
• Amplified air ratio: 31:1
• Weight: Al: 76g / 316L Stainless Steel: 230g
• Thrust (in grams):
- 2211.3 g at a blowing distance of 150 mm
- 1899.4 g at a blowing distance of 300 mm
- 1559.2 g at a blowing distance of 450 mm

• Maximum thrust and low consumption
• Large flexibility for various applications
• Compressor relief
• Low installation and operating cost
• Compliance with safety standards and noise and pressure protection
• Easily controlled flow force

• ejection of items from moulds or presses
• removal of miscellaneous dirt and debris
• Cleaning of parts to be painted
• Conservation of the site's air and noise reduction
• Cooling of extruded or moulded parts
• Cleaning or cooling of metal or plastic strips and paper rolls
• Cleaning or cooling of parts carried on conveyor belts


Wedge Series BJP - G1/4"

Type Flat stream
Blowing 35 402 l/min at 5.5 bar
Connection G1/4"


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