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Multi Stage Ejector Series VME - 80% Vacuum

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Ref. VME PM 36


The multi-stage VME ejectors suck a large volume of air at start-up. They operate on the principle of the series mounted ejector. The ratio between the sucked air flow and the used air flow is excellent. For visual verification of the partial vacuum, a vacuum gauge is installed on the ejector.


- Very large sucked air flow as soon as compressed air is applied
- Low noise level
- Energy savings
- Excellent ratio between sucked air and used air


- Gripping porous products
- Creating a vacuum for thermoforming
- Short time to create a partial vacuum
- High throughput

Specifications of the VME PM 36

- Air sucked at 3.8 bar: 500 Nl/min i.e. 8.33 l/sec or 30.00 m3/h
- Vacuum (%): 80
- Air usage (Nl/min): 235.2
- Weight (g): 281
- Silencer model: SIL 38 (x2)


- Compressed air: Filtered, not lubricated, pressure 2 to 6 bar
- Temperature: -20 to 100°C
- Material: Aluminium, silicone and neoprene gasket


Multi Stage Ejector Series VME - 80% Vacuum

Type Multi Stage
Vacuum 80%
Suction capacity 500 l/min at 3.8 bar


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Multi Stage Ejector Series VME - 80% Vacuum